Hera Cell Essence 150ml

Price and order

Rp 600.000

Prevents [desertification of skin] and moisturizes skin for a bright,
dewy complexion.
As we age, we experience a number of skin problems including dry,
tight and rough skin with a gradual build up of dead skin cells.
HERA carried out research on 129 Korean women and defined the core of
these problems as Skin Desertification.
CELL ESSENCE is a functional essence that prevents Skin Desertification
while delivering moisture deep inside to leave skin clean, clear and flawless.
Cell Bio Fluid Sync 2.0 contains eight skin cell activating ingredients that boosts
the natural strength of skin to keep it healthy. Experience how your skin
changes after using CELL ESSENCE with softer, brighter skin hydrated
from deep within.

Recommended application method [Cell-Pumping Care]

In the morning

Gently apply the essence and pat in using your finger tips to awaken and activate skin.

In the evening

Apply the essence thoroughly for a deep-nourishing care.

Hold the cotton pad in a diamond shape and wrap around the middle finger, fully covering it with the pad. Sprinkle 25ml (recommended amount) of the essence onto the pad.
Gently sweep over and pat onto face in a circular motion from the center out until fully absorbed.
Pay attention to and reach the delicate and curved area of your face, such as the eye area, sides of the nose, and around the lips, using the tip of the cotton pad for a thorough care.
For a more gentle care, use the wave-patterned side of the cotton. For an exfoliating care, use the mesh-patterned side to remove dead skin cells and dirt.



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