Bifesta BRIGHT UP Cleansing Sheets 10s

Price and order

Rp 40.000

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Removes makeup and dullness* to make your skin translucent and moisturized!
*Dead skin cells

Two types of skin lotion-derived moisturizing/cleansing ingredients quickly "float" and envelop oil-based makeup,
as well as dullness-causing dead skin cells, while maintaining moisture.
Gently massage with Cleansing Wipes without rubbing: they easily and smoothly remove even the thickest eye makeup
and foundation trapped in pores, turning the skin translucent after each wipe.


A single sheet of Bifesta Cleansing Sheet
for everything from makeup removal to skin care!

Containing cleansing water with skin lotion-derived ingredients,
for everything from makeup removal to skin care! No need for rinsing.

Thorough makeup removal with just one sheet!

Large enough (150 mm x 200 mm or approx. 5.9 in. x 7.8 in.) for full-face coverage
Containing about 5.9 ml of cleansing water per sheet Soft and gentle on skin
Friction-reduced formula for skin



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